The Indigenous Archives Network was established in 2011, by Dr Shannon Faulkhead and Kirsten Thorpe through a National Archives of Australia Ian Maclean Research Award. The Ian Maclean Research Award supporting hosting for a period of five years (2011 to 2016).

In 2018, a group of researchers and practitioners – both Indigenous and non-Indigenous – came together to revitalise the network under the new name of the Indigenous Archives Collective* to reframe the site as an open blog to encourage discussion about Indigenous archives.

The Indigenous Archives Collective is based on values of respect, integrity and social justice.  We see the Collective as a space; 

  • For nourishment, where members support each other while pushing for change
  • For culturally safe collaboration, which supports Indigenous self-determination, social justice and truth-telling
  • For dialogue and reflexive practice on Indigenous priorities in the GLAM sector
  • For advocacy to promote transformative changes in the Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museum Sector (GLAM) in Australia and internationally. 

The Collective supports Indigenous-led aspirations and dreams about the sector that we want to see. 

The Indigenous Archives Collective aims to showcase and connect information on innovative projects that are working with Indigenous knowledge sources. Our areas of focus include:

  • Community archives and Indigenous Peoples
  • Decolonising practices in galleries, libraries, archives, and museums
  • Providing a voice for Indigenous people who are contributing to the field
  • Building dialogue on good and bad practices in the sector
  • Self-determination and agency for Indigenous peoples to manage data and cultural heritage materials
  • Intellectual and Cultural Property Rights and Indigenous collections
  • Education & training for Archives, Library and Information Sciences that aligns with Indigenous aspirations and ways of knowing.

The Indigenous Archives Collective welcomes contributions from Australian and international colleagues. Please contact us if you would like to find out more about becoming a regular contributor.

The Logo ‘Connecting Community Culture and Knowledge’ is designed by Koorie artist Maree Clarke.

Kirsten Thorpe and Shannon Faulkhead at the 2013 ATALM (Association of Tribal Archives, Libraries & Museums) Conference, New Mexico.

See also: https://www.facebook.com/IndigenousArchives/

* we would like to acknowledge the Los Angeles Archivists Collective for the inspiration of us reframing our name. All of the group struggled with the idea of a ‘network’ and felt so much more at home and aligned with the notion of a ‘collective’.