Working with Records of Trauma: A Reflection

Kirsten and Cassie recently published an article in the Los Angeles Archivists Collective magazine about our experiences while working with the New South Wales Aboriginal Trust Fund Repayment Scheme from 2005–2011. The article Aboriginal Histories in Australian Government Archives: Working with Records of Trauma shares experiences of our past work in using records for reparations and social justice. The article is published in the LA Archivists Collective online magazine called Acid Free on the theme ‘Roots’ (Issue 10).

To accompany the text we selected images mostly from Dawn Magazine  to illustrate the workings of the Aborigines Protection Board and Welfare Boards in NSW. The design elements featured including type treatment were developed by the LA Archivists Collective team. The header photo is the Colonial Secretary’s building, Bridge Street, Sydney, the head office of the Aborigines Protection Board and Aboriginal Welfare Board.

The full article can be found here:

Author – Cassie Willis