Terms of Use

Indigenous Archives Network

Terms of Use 

The Indigenous archives network community

www.indigenousarchives.net is a space that has been created for information exchange, collaboration and discussion around Indigenous archives, libraries, galleries, museums and keeping places. It is a space for international collaboration to showcase and connect information on innovative projects that are working with Indigenous knowledge sources.

Anyone who is interested can join and become a member of the network, and can post relevant content to the forums.

The following are terms and conditions of use on the site

Code of conduct 

The Indigenous archives site has been designed as a space of engagement based on values of mutual respect and trust. We ask people to register as members, with your full real name and identity.

We ask that members consider these conditions alongside the information provided on the site’s Copyright and Privacy policies.

In registering for membership you agree to respect and adhere to the following conditions of use:

  • You will register only one account with your real, full name and identify using a your genuine email address. If these conditions are not met, the administrator may delete your account.
  • You are responsible for all actions using your account, and for maintaining the security of your account and password. Passwords can be changed at any time through the site.
  • When contributing to the site, you will ensure to engage in respectful communication, and ensure that all publicly available posts are generated in the spirit of collaboration.
  • When contributing to the site, you will ensure that any private information is managed by you according to the settings available for managing information on the site.
  • When you post information to a forum, you will ensure that the information is relevant to the topic and is not misleading or false. The administrator may delete any comments that are known to be misleading or false.
  • You will not post content that infringes the copyright of others. All contributions should obtain permission and attribute and acknowledge the original source of the information appropriately.
  • You will not collect or disseminate information on members that infringes on their privacy, including collecting email addresses to use for other commercial or other non-network activities.
  • You are aware that all public content posted to the network site (including blog posts and forums) may be archived in the future.

The network site was built to facilitate communication and collaboration. If you have any comments to make on the terms and conditions, please contact the network administrator at indigenousarchives@gmail.com

In the event of any network member acting contrary to the spirit of these conditions, the Indigenous archives site manager reserves the right to remove or edit content. If this happens, every effort will be made to communicate with that member.